Barberry (zereshk)

For many years barberry has been in domestic use as a medicine. Because of
its organic acids, the plant is a remedy that reduces blood bile and ejects bile
out of the liver. Also it reduces Polydipsia. Barberry mixed with warm nature
remedies like cinnamon and honey leads to liver strength and treats Polydipsia
and diarrhea caused by liver weakness and gastric problems. It is useful in
vomiting and its mixture with appropriate medicine results in gastric ulcers
healing process. It is a treatment for appetite loss and for cold-natured people
and those suffering from flatulency it is suggested to be consumed in
conjunction with sweet foods like honey and Nabat. The plant has a reputation
for increasing the longevity. Life span is significantly higher in the plants
irrigated with barberry extracts compared with those irrigated with alone water.
The fruit is febrifugal and contains vitamin C. It increases the body’s defense by
boosting immunity against diseases especially infectious ones and common
cold. Barberry is blood purifier, affects and increases urine production followed
by urine excretion. It reduces itching and as a very strong decoction is
employed as an application to pleasant odors exhaled while breathing. It has
high contents of Vitamin C compared to sour lemon. One of the main roles of
the fruit is coincidence of vessels, especially womb vessels. This is also useful
for those suffering from choleystitis and cholelithiasis and other bile duct

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