Cumin (zire)

Zireh” or Cumin is the staple item for every Persian spice cabinet. The actual “Kermani Zireh” has a very strong yet pleasant aroma. The size of this wild version of these seeds is very small which helps avoiding release of overpowering taste/aroma. Kerman is famous and well known in Iran for having the very best cumin seeds. Our “Zireh Koohi” from Kerman is a MUST try if you love cumin. The Cumin seeds produced in other countries do not have the same taste/shape/aroma/flavor/color as Persian Kermani Zireh.Price wise, Caraway seeds are much cheaper than wild Cumin which is not seen in abundance in nature. In addition to possessing great aroma and flavor, Cumin seed has medicinal properties such as diuretic, anti diarrhea and anti nausea effects. It does aid digestion of complex carbohydrates and that is why it was traditionally added to rice.

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