Dry figs

Dry figs: Improved digestionDried figs, known as Anjeer, are rich in dietary fiber. It prevents constipation and other digestive problems, since it is a natural laxative. Helps losing weightFigs are low in calories too. So, dried figs are an ideal snack if you want to lose some weight. Prevents hypertension Rich in antioxidants Preventing heart […]

Dry apricots

Dried apricots, like their fresh counterparts, are powerhouses of nutrition. Theycontain fiber, minerals, vitamins, and essential phytochemicals. They alsopossess excellent texture and are known for their therapeutic benefits.Dried apricots are reservoirs of vitamins A, E, dietary fiber, iron, potassium, andß-carotene. These, along with the other phytonutrients, act in synergy toproduce the above-list of health benefits.Help […]


Pistachios were popular for thousands of years in middle east where they grow and Nowadays, they have spread through-out the world and are used in all sorts of different cuisines , dishes and desserts like ice cream. These edible seeds of the Pistacia vera tree contain healthy fats and are a good source of protein, […]

Cumin (zire)

Zireh” or Cumin is the staple item for every Persian spice cabinet. The actual “Kermani Zireh” has a very strong yet pleasant aroma. The size of this wild version of these seeds is very small which helps avoiding release of overpowering taste/aroma. Kerman is famous and well known in Iran for having the very best […]

Barberry (zereshk)

For many years barberry has been in domestic use as a medicine. Because ofits organic acids, the plant is a remedy that reduces blood bile and ejects bileout of the liver. Also it reduces Polydipsia. Barberry mixed with warm natureremedies like cinnamon and honey leads to liver strength and treats Polydipsiaand diarrhea caused by liver […]